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The Detroit Institute of Arts has been a cornerstone of Detroit culture for more than 100 years. But today it's facing an unprecedented threat: liquidation. 

Detroit is in financial crisis, but selling off its masterpieces is not just an inadequate fix, it’s also the wrong one.

Liquidating the museum’s Picassos and Warhols to cut a check to Wall Street creditors work only as a stopgap measure -- a quick fix that would leave the city only slightly more solvent and culturally bankrupt. Decades of poor governance got us into this mess in the first place, don’t let the DIA be its latest casualty.

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr should do everything within his power to preserve our greatest cultural monument. And if Detroit goes into bankruptcy, Governor Snyder must step in to ensure that the city's treasures are preserved -- not just for Detroiters, but for generations of Americans to come.

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